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5.1 Grant Application Process

All grant proposals must include comprehensive information. New application requirements focus on clarifying project deliverables (outputs), anticipated impact (outcomes), and measurements (milestones and metrics).
The grant application process focuses on four key elements:
  • Project Information. General project description. How does it benefit the Echelon ecosystem?
  • Outcomes. What change(s) does the project seek to influence or achieve?
  • Outputs. What, specifically, needs to be accomplished to produce the desired outcomes?
  • Metrics. What determines the success of a given project?
Grants are organized by subject matter for review by committees of EPs. These committees ensure that proposals follow submission guidelines, are submitted by qualified teams or individuals, and are high quality. Grant submissions that pass the initial review are brought to all EPs for deliberation. For more info, check out Bulletin 2304. Submit a grant application at